What is the Los Angeles Christian School? 

The Los Angeles Christian School (LACS) is a mission school founded in 1982 by World Impact, Inc. LACS has about 100 students and consists of two campuses: an elementary school (K-5th grade) and a middle school (6th-8th grade). There is only one class offered at each grade level and the ideal class size is limited to no more than 16 students per class.

Our policy is to hire teachers as missionaries who have been called by God to serve in the inner city. We ask these missionary teachers to raise their own financial support prior to joining our staff. (We have made exceptions to this policy when there are not enough qualified missionary teachers.) Most of our teachers have teaching certificates or credentials.

What is the purpose of the school?

Our mission statement declares: We are a mission school dedicated to facilitating the discipleship and church-planting goals of World Impact-Los Angeles in its ministry in the city. Therefore, we support urban families by equipping students for a life of discipleship by helping them develop academic competence, Christian character and self confidence.

We also believe and utilize what we call, “The LACS Triangle.” A triangle has three points. We believe that in order to raise up a well-rounded and grounded student, each of the three main authority figures in his or her life must be speaking the same consistent truths. These three figures are the teacher, the pastor and the parent(s).