1.     Sumdog – – website with math games to review

2.     Houghton-Mifflin book website – website where the math teacher can assign homework and class assignments

3.     Khan Academy – see below in General section for description

4.     Math Antics – – Math Antics has a variety of simple and helpful videos to understand math concepts.  They also have videos on youtube.


Reading Comprehension

1.     Read Theory, – This website is excellent for providing reading practice and quizzes for students at their reading level.  Students should be using this website to improve their reading comprehension.

2.     Newsela, – This website is great at providing news articles at 5 different reading levels.  Parents can assign kids work that they need to accomplish.  This program is harder to track than the one above though.


Audio Books and Resources

1.     Free book resources – Two middle school libraries have compiled a list of free books that can be downloaded onto your computer or mp3 or can be listened to online.

2.     My Audio School – This website has a variety of audio materials (books, youtube links to biographical material and historic events) in many different topic areas.  The full website is subscription based, but they do have a free section, titled “unblocked titles” which can be found here:

3.     Storynory – This website has a variety of audio stories.  Most material is for younger students, but there are some books for older ones.  The great thing about this website is that the text is there for students to look at to read along with the story, if they listen online vs. downloading audio.


Computer Class

1.     Typing, – Students are expected to do 1 hour a week of typing practice, while in computer class.

2.     Microsoft Office, – Students can work through videos and lessons to learn different Microsoft Office programs, including Word, Excel and Powerpoint.



1.     Khan Academy (app and online, – Khan Academy provides videos that explain a variety of topics.  This site is great for providing explanations if students are struggling with a topic.  For math, since it “cycles,” the videos that explain what they are currently doing might be listed under a different grade.  They also have videos on youtube.

2.     Quizlet, (app and online, – This website allows students to study flashcards that have been created by the teacher, other people, or themselves.

3.     SafeSearchKids, – this is a google search engine that filters pictures and websites to provide sites and pictures that are safe for kids.